Expand your keywords. Expand your reach.

Recently, a friend was in a car accident. Not knowing what to do, she searched for things like “what to do after a car accident,” “taking photos of car accident,” and finally “insurance claim form car accident” on Google. She had links to everything she needed to file her insurance claim. But the insurance company denied her claim and she needed help purchasing a new car and settling medical bills incurred due to the crash.

The problem?

She didn’t know an attorney in her area. But she did know how to use the voice search on her phone.

“OK Google, find an attorney near me.”


Attorney answers.

It was that simple. Google knew she needed a car accident attorney. But how?

All Google needed to tailor ads to her needs was her past search history. Don’t believe me?

Let’s test it.

Let’s say I need a bankruptcy attorney. So I search, “how expensive is bankruptcy,” “how to file for bankruptcy,” and “asset protection bankruptcy.”

Now I am going to search “attorney near me.”  I believe the results speak for themselves:

Notice my search for an attorney never mentioned what kind of attorney I needed. I just asked Google to provide me with an attorney in my area.

Does this type of search always work? No, it does not. The ads seen are dependent on other factors, such as who is bidding on the keywords I enter, if those advertisers have chosen to show ads at the time I search, and whether those bidding have bid high enough for their ad to show on the first page of results. But it’s believed that this type of search is the future of legal PPC advertising.

With the increased popularity of voice search and simplified traditional keyword search, it is crucial to target broader keywords such as “lawyer near me” and “attorneys in [location].” Maybe you’re a personal injury attorney but the victims of an accident don’t know that they need a personal injury attorney. In that case, keywords like “personal injury attorney” won’t benefit your firm much. Maybe you’re a bankruptcy attorney but your future clients are searching for you like I searched for a bankruptcy attorney in the above example. Perhaps your clients are using natural language search to find you. In these cases, more specific keywords aren’t going to allow those who need you most to find you.

Take a look at your current PPC strategies. Are you targeting more general searches or are you limiting your reach with more specific keywords? Expanding the keywords you target may also expand the clientele you are making yourself available to.