The key to choosing the best SEO agency for Lawyers

Is your firm on ‘the yellow pages of the Internet?

We’re going to say it right off the bat – the legal sector faces some of the fiercest competition offline and online. According to ABA, 87% of respondents reported that their firm has a website, and the number will most likely keep on growing. 

As a growing number of attorneys up their digital marketing game, the question arises, how can your firm catch more, if not the biggest, fish? The answer is SEO, search engine optimization. 

SEO, by definition, refers to the process of improving a website to increase visibility when users search for services related to your business in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. More precisely, law firm SEO refers to optimizing an attorney’s website. This technique helps businesses achieve better organic positions and increases the likelihood of attracting more visitors and turning them into calls and cases. Overall, think of it as the new digital form of yellow pages.

While optimization may seem like it’s a set-and-done deal once relevant keywords are placed on a site, it encompasses much more than that. To hit the homerun, firms need to equip themselves with the following: 

  1. Top-notch content.
  2. High-quality link building.
  3. A smooth UX, user experience. 

Even though there are hundreds of other specific SEO tactics, e.g., adding SEO elements to your blog section, it’s best to start small and scale from there. 

Once you decide to opt-in on a thorough optimization, you can expect the following: 

  • Reaching more users.
  • Generating quality leads.
  • Boosting credibility.
  • Maximizing the PPC campaign.
  • Staying ahead of the competition.

Sounds powerful, right? It is indeed, and your firm can be a big hitter with the help of SEO. Now that the first base is covered, we can move on to the next ones and prepare your firm, so it’s ready for action. 


The Basis of Law Firm SEO: Clients

The second base is: what’s all the buzz surrounding SEO for lawyers? Why should the legal sector care about optimization? Let’s look at this from another perspective: the prospective clients. 

Kim, a prospective client, has been thoroughly investigating an estate planning firm that can handle her investments, taxes, and overall estate. She has previously asked her circle of friends and family for relevant recommendations. She’s heard all of their suggestions, wrote them down, and now she would like to do a little research on her own, so she grabs her phone and… Do you know what happens next? That’s right. She ‘Googles’ it. She’s doing secondary research to validate the referrals she gathered from her circle. 

Will your firm appear among the search results? Most importantly, will it be visible on Kim’s first page? What’s more, if she clicks on the website, will her user experience be smooth sailing? Firms must be visible in the places people need them the most, and that is online. This is where SEO is no longer a luxury but rather a necessity. 

With that said, remember the previous ABA statistic at the beginning about 87% of firms having a website? Well, it turns out that fewer than 20% have a thoroughly optimized website. This includes incorporating elements like: 

  • Community announcements. 
  • The profile of paralegals. 
  • Guides. 
  • Staff profiles. 
  • Legal articles. 
  • Legal updates. 

Hold on. There’s more. Besides pushing quality content, firms must establish a strong foundation by adding elements that’ll ease and enhance the user experience. This includes technical SEO elements like: 

  1. URL structure.
  2. Page Titles.
  3. *Alt text.
  4. H1 Tags.
  5. Meta Descriptions.
  6. Keywords. 

If you’re thinking, “Okay, nice, can you translate that into English, please?” Below you can find an example of one of our client’s websites where the essential SEO components are covered:  

*Please note: Alt text is also called alt tags. It refers to the written copy that appears in an image if it fails to load on a user’s screen. In this case, it is there, but it’s not visible in this section for a good reason: all the images load correctly.  
























With a robust SEO plan of action, your firm can rise to the occasion (and perhaps even above that 20%.) Despite that, law firms need to incorporate plenty of efforts in areas outside the practice of law, including digital marketing. Therefore, the question that arises next is the following…


How can attorneys choose a legal SEO agency? 

Congratulations, we have now reached the third base: how can attorneys start handpicking the best of the best in legal SEO? Ironically, the answer is to start with questions. There are two main reasons why doing cross-examination is critical at this stage. 

  1. Ensuring the agency has experience in SEO, specifically the legal industry. 
  2. Verifying the company understands all the latest ins and outs of law firm marketing. 

On that premise, start by self-assessing: “What do I want to accomplish with an SEO strategy?”  

Additionally, it’s possible (and recommended) to flip the coin and ask the agency questions. It’s best to do this before settling for a law firm SEO agency because not all of them are equipped to meet your specific goals. To get started, we’ve created this FREE checklist of questions you can ask to get to know the agency better as well as your firm’s current state. It goes as follows: 




  • Facts, Tips & Tricks: 
  • Before settling with an SEO agency, it’s crucial law firms ask: “Will I be the owner of my entire website?
  • The reality is that not all marketing agencies allow their clients to own the assets created. Psst….with Consultwebs, you have the FULL ownership. 


Ensure your firm hits it out of the park

Way to go, we’re nearing the home run! Whether you’re a firm that’s in the “major league” or a smaller one that’s “going out of the league,” you can throw a curveball at the competitors by partnering with experts. This is where we come in to help you go from first, second, or even third base all the way to the home plate. You’ll be able to round up on all the bases without having to sweat it out. Let us elaborate. 

At Consultwebs, we have been playing the digital marketing game for decades. More specifically, 110% of our efforts focus on digital marketing for law firms. Our legal SEO professionals are the professionals in all that legal SEO entails, from creative to technical skills. We continuously work in the most competitive fields in law firm marketing, including the areas of: 

  • Personal injury
  • Family law
  • Criminal Defense
  • Bankruptcy 
  • Estate planning  



But enough about us. Let’s talk about what you can get out of a partnership with us. We understand you need an agency that thoroughly understands and customizes a plan that fits your firm’s wants and needs. For example, a law firm focusing on  personal injury law marketing  for truck accidents will want to hire a company that: 

  1. Tailors the SEO and relevant campaigns for truck accidents. 
  2. Understands the ins and outs of acquiring leads interested in experts in this practice area.

So, what’s secured when working with us? 

  • Increasing credibility and rankings.
  • Acquiring quality traffic and leads.
  • Integrating local, off-page, and on-page SEO.
  • Improving the user experience. 

The most crucial guarantee? Constantly hit home runs without having to sweat it out. We’ll be the ones actively maintaining the rankings, traffic, and leads.


Ready to step up to the plate? 

In the hyper-competitive field that is SEO for lawyers, it’s best if you’re equipped with the experts in the game so when it’s time to step on the plate, you’ll be 100% sure the field is yours to take. 

As more and more law firms enter the digital world and up their game, a good call is to stay ahead of the rest and guarantee you can bring home the bacon today and tomorrow. 

While we have provided heaps of optimization hacks, we have only scratched the surface of it all. Would you like to work towards positioning your firm as a clear-cut leader in search engines online and offline? Let’s talk, and let’s do this together.