Author: Egon Borucki

Suppose you’re just starting your marketing journey with an external law firm marketing agency. You sit down for a preliminary phone call with your point of contact at the agency, expecting to center the conversation around some technical marketing aspects you’d researched on your own time. For [...]

While Google might be the Colosseum of search engines, Bing is the Pantheon – often overlooked, but valuable and powerful in its own right. Bing, Microsoft's search engine, currently holds 8.85% of the global search market as of January 2023, and that's no small feat. Sure, it may not be the giant[...]

So, we have good news and bad news. The bad news is personal injury law is an incredibly competitive practice area, and it’s not likely to get any less competitive (at least within the next decade). This means that more than many other law firms in other practice areas, you need to carefully marke[...]

 Top Challenges for Law Firms in the Coming Years Want to stay ahead in the game? Stay here and learn how to overcome the most pressing challenges law firms face in the coming years.  With rapid technological advancements, the legal industry is experiencing a significant transformation. As suc[...]

Leads are the lifeblood of a law firm's growth. Learn how to keep a watchful eye on your leads and convert them into paying clients with ease. Why are leads so important? In short, without them, it’s really challenging to maximize revenue. and studies show the majority of marketers find this th[...]