Magnus Simonarson, nominated “Viking of the Decade” by his fellow team members, serves as the President of Consultwebs. Magnus is responsible for guiding the team’s daily activities, managing client partnerships and implementing the company’s business strategies. He also keeps his eye on Web trends and Social Media site updates to ensure the Web campaigns of Consultwebs’ clients remain effective and up-to-date.

Magnus grew up in Akureyri, a small town in the north of Iceland, and later moved to Canada to further his education, where he earned an advanced degree with honors, as a Computer Programmer / Business Analyst.

He became interested in Web programming while working towards his higher degree. As a lead programmer, he developed travel information kiosks that were located around the U.S. and Canada as well as a content management system that was used on various websites.

As the most senior members of the team, Magnus has been with Consultwebs since 2000, when the company had only two employees.

When he is not in the office working, Magnus can be found traveling, hunting, fishing, snowmobiling, cooking or reading a book.

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