Author: Egon Borucki

Unlock the full potential of your personal injury practice with the right clients - here's how to attract and retain calls and cases.  Did you know that studies found the market size of the personal injury industry in the US has grown on average 4.8% per year between 2018-2023? Specifically, in [...]

One of the newest chatbots, ChatGPT, is disrupting every industry - including law. Discover all your firm needs to know about this here.  ChatGPT became available to the public in November 2022 and since then has broken records and crossed the 1 million users mark within one week of launching. I[...]

Don’t press pause on your business strategies in 2023 🎁Find your Legal Marketing Trends & Predictions for 2023 here. (Trust us, you’ll want this - it includes tips and FREE strategies!)  Despite the long-term consequences of the pandemic, disruptions brought on by political tensions, [...]

As technology advances, more and more businesses are turning to artificial intelligence (A.I.) for help with content marketing and SEO strategies. A.I. offers a wealth of benefits that can be extremely useful for online content. However, there are also some limitations and potential risks associated[...]

People looking for law firms usually need help, and when it comes to high-stakes purchases like signing with a firm for legal services, prospects typically take their time to do their research. Why? Long gone are the days when consumers seek out the cheapest option. Your best bet is to be seen as th[...]