Author: Egon Maranhao Borucki

Are you on the crest of the Instagram wave? You could be. Instagram remains untapped by many law firms, but this is rapidly changing. Why you may ask? Businesses have come to realize that jumping on the social media bandwagon is in their best interest. To give you a few statistics and figures, a[...]

Think of blogs as your firm’s digital backbone and an extension of your firm’s online personality. Blogging has evolved from a personal pastime to an increasingly professional strategy. Although blogs originally started with individuals sharing insights into their lives, they have become a ke[...]

It is no surprise that new media efforts have pushed traditional media almost out the door but out of all media channels, one of them, in particular, has stood the test of time. Emails. And they are here to stay. Email marketing still ranks as the most effective marketing effort, even above socia[...]

your guide to law firm brand reputation management

It’s no secret that lawyers go to great lengths to manage their reputations. From sleek suits, a clean-cut to their won-case count, it’s elements like these that might project the attorney and overall firm as one that is successful. But nowadays, besides appearances and a physical office, law fi[...]

email marketing is above the fold where it's at

We know the phrase that goes, “don’t judge a book by its cover”, but let’s rethink this concept. When it comes to marketing like email marketing, we do judge a book by its cover. The cover of this proverbial book is where law firms grab users’ attention. Within email marketing, as we[...]