Author: Alessandra Torres

A Deep Dive into Technical SEO for Law Firms A basic understanding of SEO is necessary for any type of business to thrive; the same goes for law firms. While many firms are already familiar with SEO for law firms and its benefits, not all understand its deeper mechanics. If you are looking [...]

As we approach the final quarter of 2023, there’s a tangible buzz of anticipation in the air fueled by technological innovation, new client expectations, and unprecedented global happenings. If you think you can coast into 2024 on autopilot, it's time to think again.  Dive in to uncover what law [...]

Got any happy clients? Congratulations, they might be your best salespeople! Discover some unique ways to boost reviews for law firms.  You’re offering the best legal services, your clients are satisfied, your team is motivated, you’re going the extra mile, closing more cases, and overall yo[...]

AI for Law firms: Exploring the Basics, Ethics, Platforms, and Best Practices Like many forward-thinking businesses today, law firms must embark on a new journey: AI. However, AI is not confined to a limited array of narrow functions. Instead, its capabilities form a sprawling tree with many branch[...]

In December 2022, Google made significant updates to its Quality Rater Guidelines, shedding light on an updated acronym that has gained prominence in the digital marketing realm: EEAT (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness). This update, which among other items added an ‘E[...]