Author: Brandon Smith

Get inspired by some of the best law firm websites and discover 5 unique elements you can apply today. While you sleep at night, a sales assistant is working for you 24/7 - your law firm’s website. However, does the work stop once you have a professionally built website? The truth is that today[...]

Did you know that, on average, PPC has a 200% ROI? And this is just the tip of the iceberg. While SEO efforts focus on your firm's long-term success, PPC can immediately propel your firm forward. It's believed that it helps generate twice the number of visitors compared to SEO. However, is one bette[...]

Tap Into The New Market and Expand Your Firm’s Reach TikTok is creating a buzz in the world, and by now, you've probably heard of it through viral challenges, dance videos, and even the once-famous discussion around banning the app in the United States! The latter never came to be, and in fact, T[...]

Do any of your clients use iPhones (or any other Apple product)? The answer is most likely yes. Due to the large number of iPhone users today, you should be aware of the new iOS 14 update and how it affects your firm's marketing (because it does!) To give you a quick recap: the iOS14 update is cu[...]

Online advertising has completely changed the way businesses reach clients. This type of marketing effort is widespread because it combines real-time data analysis and closely monitors ad spend. However, the models in online advertising are constantly evolving, but one of the most influential and cu[...]