6 QUICK Ways to give your firm the EDGE over competition – With Examples

Beat your Competition

In legal marketing, it’s very common to hear our client’s ask about their competition. Some of the top questions are: “What are they doing to rank #1?” and “Why are they getting more traffic than me?” These are great questions that both have very complex answers. However, there are some quick things you can do to gain an edge over your competition today.

Below are a few ideas of uncomplicated and amazing campaigns.

1.) Scholarship Contest – Scholarships are a great, budget-friendly way to boost your traffic and backlinks, all while helping tomorrow’s scholars. See an example of a scholarship here.

If scholarships aren’t your thing another similar campaign is a veteran’s grant.

2.) Tell a Story with Video – Videos are a great option to give you an edge over the competition, and give your clients an idea of who you are and what your firm is about. For a great example of a marketing video, see here.

3.) Customer Testimonials – Social proof is so HUGE. You work very hard to create strong, lasting relationships with your clients as part of your service to them, so in return many clients are more than willing to help. Get help from a marketing agency, and ask clients to make a video about their experience. If they aren’t comfortable with a video then ask them to leave a review on Google or Facebook.

4.) Webinar – You are the expert and those looking for an attorney are often overwhelmed but the sheer volume of attorneys. Make yourself stand out by highlighting your expertise in a video webinar responding to questions you get, topics that are regularly of concern in your practice areas, or something you are passionate about. Post on your social media, and you are helping people, while also helping your firm get traffic to your website.

  • For extra cool-points, you can turn it into a series like the Leigh Daniels firm.

5.) Holiday Social Campaigns – It’s that time of year again. If Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter are more your style, try running a contest to give away a gift card. In this contest run over the Halloween holiday season Marks & Harrison held a Pumpkin Carving Contest. This same gift card concept can be used throughout other holiday seasons as well.

The options are endless, and the campaigns themselves are easy. To be entered, select a prompt such as, “Who in your life deserves some extra holiday cheer this year?” Ask people to like your page, share the post and tag someone who they think is deserving.

6.) Sponsor a Rescue Organization – Rescue organizations all over the United States and beyond are working tirelessly to help save animals. They can always use help and funding. Reach out to a local rescue and ask if you can sponsor a pet. In other words, pay their adoption fee, post about it on social media, and ask that the rescue organization to give you a shout-out for doing so.

If you need further assistance with social campaigns please visit our social media page where you will find multiple resources to guide you on every step of the way including our Lawyers Guide to Social Media. Which will give you other examples of lead generating campaigns.

We hope that you find these tools drive traffic to your site,increase your engagement and awareness, and, in turn, help your firm sign more cases.