4 Reasons Why SEO Remains Important to the Success of Your Law Firm

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The way we connect with clients and prospective clients has changed. Consumers are no longer turning to the Yellow Pages when in need of a service. Instead, we rely on the quick results which can be found on the Internet after keying in or even speaking a search query. With the ever-changing technology around us, the importance of being optimized for search continues to grow.

Below are four reasons why SEO should remain a top priority for your law firm.

1.Marketing To Match The Era

We are in the digital era. While everyone from baby boomers to millennials are consuming daily, everyone likes services to be quick and easy. These generations are even searching for services for their less tech-savvy parents. An estimated 80-90% of users go to the Internet first when looking for a service. They can read about a business, read other client testimonials and reviews, and contact the firm all in one place. Options like click-to-call when searching on a mobile device, live chat, and form fills make it easy for consumers to contact a firm through a variety of methods.

2. Keeping Up With (or Beating) The Joneses

Truth is, if you are in somewhat of a competitive niche, your competitors are doing SEO, and if your competitors are doing SEO, then they are getting seen online and you aren’t. SEO is a never-ending strategy. So as your competitors continue their SEO investment, it’s crucial for your law firm to have an SEO strategy of your own in place, and therefore a shot at surpassing your competitor in the rankings.

3. Targeting Your Optimal Client

Another great thing about advertising your business online is that you can learn how and what potential clients are searching for. Keyword research tools can help tell SEOs what the most common searches are in the search engines and what their search volumes are, and the competition level for each keyword or phrase. This kind of research can help your digital marketing expert know how to properly optimize your site and get it ranking for the most commonly searched words and phrases relevant to your industry.

4. Signing More Cases

Bottom line, SEO is effective for bringing in prospective clients and giving them a way to contact you. Businesses that invest in SEO showed a closing rate of 15% for leads, 12% higher than the conversion rate for businesses that don’t generate online leads. Even when people are on the go, they can find whatever product or service they need on their mobile device. Over 60% of online searches come from mobile devices these days. Being available to potential clients right from their cell phones means they are more likely to contact you instead of your competitor.

Say Yes To SEO

In short, yes, you still need SEO if you want to maximize your law firm’s potential. Keep in mind that SEO is a long-term relationship. It is a marathon, not a sprint. Before you even sign up for services, you should understand  that it will take at least 6-12 months to begin to see traction from SEO. It takes time to build up a website’s credibility the ethical way, but the results are worth it. The longer you invest in SEO, the stronger your site and web presence will be, and the more clients you will gain.

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