Vivian Voss

Vivian Voss

As our Business Development Representative, it is Vivian’s job to identify, develop, and nurture relationships with potential clients and qualified leads.

She has experience in diverse industries, including event planning. She seeks to use her experiences to develop her skills and apply them in whatever position she is in.For example, Vivian says, “Planning clinical trials within a global pharmaceutical company taught me the importance of precision and confidentiality. My six-person department planned several national and international meetings each month.” During her time in this role, she learned the significance of paying close attention to details.

More recently, she worked for a farm-to-table Cuban restaurant where she says that her “team of coworkers had become more of a family. This makes sense, considering the mission of the establishment, which was ‘to build relationships from soil to table.’” Relationships are important to Vivian. It is no surprise then when it comes to Consultwebs, she says what sets us apart from our competitors is that “we develop a partnership with our clients that enables us to better explain our detailed data. We can then form the best possible plan for each individual client.” 

Vivian considers Halle, Germany, her hometown, though most of her life was spent in Cincinnati, OH. However, she says that both are very important to her identity. 

In her spare time, she enjoys art and being outside. If you “combine the two and I’m in heaven! I practice self-care by painting, drawing, or otherwise creating.” She has briefly worked in a flower shop and adores making arrangements, terrariums, and floral wreaths. Her love of plants and the outdoors thrives now that she lives in North Carolina. She loves the quote by the Scottish novelist and poet Robert Louis Stevenson when he writes, “Don’t judge a day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds that you plant.” You could say she takes this literally and metaphorically, as she says, “I have more plants than I do fingers and toes!”