Stefanie LeBlanc

Stefanie LeBlanc is a natural problem-solver and strategic mind who serves as a trusted resource for our law firm clients when it comes to PPC.

She is certified in all things PPC and holds a Master’s certificate in Digital Marketing. She brings expert-level experience and creativity to digital advertising strategies, and she loves working one-on-one with business owners to highlight the unique aspects of their business, translate their business goals into tangible online KPIs and deliver profitable ROI.

“I love the innovation that comes with managing PPC strategies,” she says. “It’s a constant process of hypothesis, test, analyze, adapt and repeat.”

PPC is largely a data-oriented process, Stefanie says. In her view, the difference between a great strategy and an exceptional one lies in creativity.

“I enjoy being able to exercise both my creative and analytical sides to find what really drives results,” she says.

Stefanie is a Syracuse, New York native who currently resides in Central Oregon. She earned her B.S. in Advertising and Design from the New England Institute of Art in Boston, completing her program in just 2.5 years.

Over the course of her career, Stefanie has helped hundreds of local SMBs and national corporations from across the U.S. to scale their digital marketing efforts and leverage unique opportunities to profit through paid media.

“My goal is to not only produce the results that clients need but to also arm them with knowledge and insights to be leveraged in other areas of their business. By asking the right questions, taking calculated risks and opening up to creative approaches, there’s no way to lose. Everything is gained knowledge to be applied,” she says.

“Transparency, trust and partnership are key in making a client-to-business relationship thrive. Here at Consultwebs, these are the values. We have a united and dynamic team that guides, educates and supports clients. We’re always evolving, challenging the status quo and doing the right thing for our clients.”

Stefanie describes herself as “a lover of all things strategy.” She is also an avid reader, trail runner, heavy tea consumer and a home chef extraordinaire who likes to spend her free time enjoying those activities.