Paul Roberto Rodriguez Aviles

Paul Roberto Rodriguez Aviles

As an SEO specialist, Paul Roberto Rodriguez Aviles analyzes and builds SEO plans for our clients which are focused on user experience, improved navigability and driving more conversions. To fight the ever-changing Google algorithm in favor of our clients, he puts into practice SEO strategies which are current and recommended by experts around the world.

“I like working at Consultwebs because we strive to achieve great results for our clients by staying up-to-date with the latest recommended SEO practices and finding areas of opportunity on every task possible,” Paul says.

Born and raised in Managua, Nicaragua, Paul completed his studies of Systems Engineering in 2018 at UNI-RUPAP.

Before joining Consultwebs, he worked as an SEO Specialist doing on-site and off-site SEO on small and medium-sized businesses’ websites. He has spent most of his time working with web developers on redesigning and launching brand new, attractive websites for visitors.

In his free time, he enjoys working with his friends on different programming projects and playing online video games. He is also a huge fan of TV series, art “and any other type of media that exploits the creativity of the human brain.”