Paul Julius

With his background in business management, web design and online marketing, Paul Julius brings a unique combination of skills and perspectives to his role as Marketing Manager for Consultwebs. Paul was also one of the creators and serves as a co-host of our LAWsome podcast. Prior to these job functions, Paul spent three years at Consultwebs as the Digital Advertising Team lead, and still maintains a high level of law firm digital advertising expertise, with a focus on Google Ads, of which he holds every advanced certificate.

“What I like about Consultwebs is that we have assembled a diverse team of professionals who can contribute their specific skills and knowledge – as well as their hard work and experience – to delivering complete marketing solutions for our clients that will maximize their ROI,” Paul says. “We also take the time to really understand and connect with our clients so we have a deeper understanding of how we can help them best.”

Paul studied at Southern Illinois University before launching into a career in consulting and management and as a Web designer specializing in advertising, WordPress customizing and landing page design.

When he isn’t working, Paul enjoys on- and off-road mountain bike riding.