Natalia Escobar

Natalia Escobar

As a Digital Marketing Specialist, Natalia focuses on building client relationships and ensuring that our clients’ campaigns perform at the highest level.

Natalia graduated from the University of Utah in 2011 with a BA in Economics. Right after graduating college, she began working in the Digital Marketing world. Natalia has helped clients from various industries gain visibility on the web as well as expand their reach. She has experience working with everything from small startup businesses to large corporations, and has started, led, and implemented various successful marketing campaigns.

Natalia loves working for Consultwebs. She is proud to work for a team where she feels like she belongs to a family of professionals who work together to ensure the success of their clients while also helping each other with professional growth and development.

When asked why she feels Consultwebs is the best, she says it is because our team is the best. “Consultwebs always brings in the best talent worldwide. It is reassuring to work with a team of professionals that truly care about their clients and their employees.”

Natalia currently resides in Florida but actually grew up around the DC Metro area. One of her favorite quotes is, “The first step is to establish that something is possible; then it probably will occur.” So when she is not at work, she is always taking more courses and seeking to learn new things, especially new languages. As for right now, Natalia is focused on improving her third language (French) while also tackling learning a fourth (Arabic).