Mariah Vietri

Mariah Vietri serves as a Digital Marketing Manager with Consultwebs, working with our clients and our team to ensure that our clients’ websites and online campaigns are running as smooth as possible.

“Consultwebs has a unique approach to law firm website and online campaign management that sets us apart from others in the field,” Mariah says. “Our goal is to create a lasting partnership based on trust, communication and reliability so that we are seen as a part of the team rather than a marketing vendor. Each law firm is different, and we tailor our approach to their specific needs.”

Born in Massachusetts and raised in Rhode Island, Mariah currently lives in Portsmouth, New Hampshire with her fiancé and two dogs. She holds a Bachelors of Arts degree from Roanoke College, where she majored in International Relations and was Captain of the NCAA Field Hockey Team within the ODAC conference during her junior and senior years.

Mariah has more than eight years of marketing experience. Prior to joining Consultwebs, she served as an Independent Digital Marketing Consultant for several small and medium-sized businesses as well as non-profits. During that time, she managed clients’ website redesign, ongoing SEO and other digital campaigns.

She has also worked for the Fortune 500 company, Time Warner Cable, where she was a Marketing Associate. In that role, she managed their social media campaigns, orchestrated webinars and promotional e-mails.

“I have honed my skills in communication, project management and cross-departmental collaboration,” Mariah says. “Those abilities, coupled with my technical background in marketing, make me feel confident working with law firms to maximize their return on investment.”

When she is not working, Mariah can be found enjoying the beach, hiking with her two rescue dogs and cooking for her friends and loved ones.