Luis Daniel Campos Guevara

As a SEO Analyst with Consultwebs, Luis Daniel Campos Guevara conducts keyword research by using a variety of tools, including Keyword Planner and Moz. He also performs competitive analysis and identifies gaps in our content or areas for improvement in our site designs. Additionally, Luis tracks important SEO metrics, including organic traffic, conversion rates and time spent on page.

“Consultwebs inspires confidence and security,” Luis says. “It’s only focused on one niche and, due to that focus, it has certified and capable people on its team that know what they are doing and care about our clients.”

Luis hails from San Marcos, Nicaragua. He holds a degree in System Engineering from Universidad Centroamericana. He brings to Consultwebs a deep background in working on individual websites built on WordPress platforms. He also spent more than three years working in technical support, which involved resolving issues related to HTML, CSS, XSLT and Javascript programming languages.

In his free time, Luis enjoys spending time with his family, playing video games, playing guitar and educating himself on a wide range of topics.