Laura Kuyat

As a Social Media Coordinator, Laura curates content, handles graphic design, and manages social media campaigns and activities for clients.

Previously, Laura has freelanced in social media, web design, graphic design, and consulting for small businesses in her community.

A student at Eastern Kentucky University, Laura is working toward obtaining her Bachelor of Science in Homeland Security while also participating in the National Park Service’s Student Trainee Program during the weekends.

For Laura, the way Consultwebs takes care of our team is what sets us apart. In her words, “Consultwebs cares for their employees like no other company I have ever worked for. Passion and willingness to learn are valued more than just your educational background, which gives Consultwebs employees plenty of opportunities to advance their skills and grow within the company.”

Laura currently resides in Somerset, KY. When Laura is not taking care of our clients on social media you can find her taking a break far away from the computer screen. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, kayaking, spontaneous road trips, and photography.