Landon Biehl Senior Outreach Specialist

Landon Biehl

As Senior Outreach Specialist with, Landon Biehl targets prospects with potential interest in client services and resources. He also helps to create and implement new marketing tactics and campaigns, with a particular focus on building linking partners.

“I have experience communicating with many cultures and various backgrounds through my experience working at Disney, and I have knowledge and understanding of how to effectively market to a wide range of individuals,” Landon says. “I also love experimenting with how target markets respond to various outreach tactics.”

“As a member of the Consultwebs team, I’ve acquired great insight on how different niches respond to marketing strategies,” he adds.

Landon hails from Charlotte, North Carolina. He graduated from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington in 2014 with a degree in Marketing, allowing him to bring to the latest in marketing strategy.

“The sense of teamwork and unity at Consultwebs is remarkable,” Landon says. “The team delegates tasks efficiently, and everyone plays a significant role in the many new projects that we take on.”

In his spare time, Landon enjoys taking advantage of living at the beach, swimming competitively, running, kayaking and occasionally surfing.

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