Jacob Maslow Marketing Consultant

Jacob Maslow is an experienced digital marketing consultant who focuses his work on enhancing the visibility of our clients’ websites and ensuring that their sites show prominently when people in need of their services conduct searches.

“Consultwebs works hard to achieve results for our clients and to grow their leads every quarter,” Jacob says. “We are also flexible about trying different approaches, which allows our clients to benefit from our team’s collective experience and to stay ahead of the competition.”

Jacob is a Brooklyn native who majored in Political Science at Brooklyn College.

He has spent many years in SEO, focusing his work on helping skilled professionals, including doctors and lawyers, to rank for relevant search terms.

Among his accomplishments: Helping an attorney with a boutique divorce law practice to achieve a No. 1 Google ranking in a crowded market filled with many larger law firms.

“Today, 80 percent of the attorney’s leads are generated through the Internet,” Jacob notes.

In his free time, Jacob enjoys spending time with peers as a member of several Facebook groups, taking long walks and going to the movies.

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