Christina Catedrilla

Christina Catedrilla is a member of our Production Team who is responsible for transferring content from our clients’ site structures to their development sites. She also builds pages using WordPress, and she handles quality assurance checks on our clients’ desktop and responsive sites during the pre- and post-launch stages.

“Consultwebs gives me an opportunity to learn new things about web marketing and other aspects of our sites,” Christina says. “The team members are very kind and supportive. I’m so grateful to work with them professionally.”

Christina lives in Cebu, Philippines. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from the University of Cebu in 2005. She has a background in HTML and experience in data entry and mining, internet searching, photoshop and customer relationship management (CRM).

Her hobbies include reading Web novels and comics, watching movies and TV series and playing PC games.