Carolin Knight

Carolin Knight

As a Digital Marketing Specialist, Carolin works closely with her team to deliver high-yielding and cost-effective digital marketing campaigns, as well as develop our client’s SEO strategies. 

Carolin graduated in May 2020 from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing. In her last role, she worked as a Marketing Coordinator for a nationally recognized physical therapy company. She spent the majority of her time constructing a cohesive brand image across all platforms. Additionally, she worked to optimize search rankings, increase the number of patients scheduled, and cultivate relationships with prominent figures in the industry. Her efforts led to a 300% uptick in patient growth. 

When asked why Consultwebs is the best, she says, “Consultwebs has a unique position in the realm of digital agencies. Most agencies are experts in marketing tactics but spread those skills across industries, failing to be an expert in one particular avenue. Consultwebs has mastered the ins and outs of digital marketing solely for law firms, giving their clients an elevated level of success they’ll seldom find elsewhere.” 

One of Carolin’s favorite quotes is, “Only dead fish go with the flow.” This applies to Consultwebs as she comments that “Consultwebs will relentlessly pursue the advancement of those who use our service.” She loves that we are results-driven and dedicated to our client’s success. She adds, “Our group prioritizes client projects as if they were our own.” 

Carolin resides in Gainesville, Florida, and when she is not working, she enjoys being outside, participating in anything competitive, and exploring her city.