Camila Parodi

Camila Parodi Headshot

As the Project Coordinator in our Marketing Department, Camila works to ensure all marketing efforts are organized and efficiently carried out. She does this through Agile project management best practices, a strategic mindset, and “my (very prominent) OCD for orderliness.” One of Camila’s favorite quotes is, “Work until you no longer have to introduce yourself!” This is evident as Camila seeks to go above and beyond in her role. She says, “My passion for transparent communication and clear budgeting ensures that plans of action are put in place to set the right tone for all deliverable messages both within the company and out, at just the right cost.”

Camila graduated in 2016 with a degree in Media and Communication Management from the Macromedia University of Applied Sciences in Munich, Germany. She has previously worked as a Corporate Marketing Manager, where she managed all things social media, internal communications, and paid ads. During this time, her main focus was assisting with the recruitment team needs in all five company sites. 

For Camila, our distinguishing feature is in how we treat and care for our team and our clients. She says, “It’s refreshing to see how dedicated Consultwebs is to not only their clients, but to their employees as well. I have yet to find a team member who isn’t genuinely happy to be part of the Consultwebs family. The environment, the leadership, the professional challenges, even the benefits, are just that good.”

She was originally drawn to Consultwebs through hearing about the work environment from other peers. She says, “I felt stuck where I was before. I’m glad to confirm that the environment is just as great as I was told and that there are plenty of growth opportunities as well.”

Camila is originally from Managua, Nicaragua. She enjoys reading, painting, drawing, and spending time with her family, which has just grown from two to three.