Bryan Seña

As a Web Developer at Consultwebs, Bryan tackles any number of different tasks from day to day. The tasks range from working on custom WordPress theme frameworks, completing support requests, and maintaining quality websites for Consultwebs clients.

Bryan holds a degree in Information Technology and has over three years of experience in website development. He has specifically been building websites that utilize various web trends and web-development technologies. These trends focus on performance and user-friendliness while also ensuring compatibility for various mobile devices and computers.

For Bryan, the Consultwebs distinction is that we make our clients a priority and seek their satisfaction, while also ensuring that “each and every member of the team is treated with respect, are encouraged to share ideas, and have the freedom to express oneself.”

Bryan is a native of the Philippines. In his spare time, he says, “I love to bond with my family, friends, and my pets. I also love to do physical and health-related activities, such as running, swimming, basketball, and cycling. I also like to eat and enjoy playing games.”