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client resultsOur clients get results.  

That’s really the bottom line. That’s why we have several clients who have been with us for more than a decade. Some of our clients tried several other options before partnering with Consultwebs, and are happier now than they have ever been with their online marketing.  We are optimized to bring law firms success from the Web.

What do we mean by success?

  • More visibility
  • More leads & cases
  • More revenue
  • Less stress & frustration
  • Lower cost-per-case
  • More time to focus
  • Better reputation
  • Stronger branding
  • Better security
  • Peace of mind

We don’t just design websites and write content for our clients, we coordinate and refine entire online marketing campaigns based on each firm’s brand, and its needs, to achieve its goals. See how we help law firm marketers to be more focused and more productive.

We are immersed in a culture of optimization. We even optimize our team-members, our organization, our structure and our approach to maximize the effectiveness of our clients’ online marketing and bring them unparalleled success.

Since 1999, we’ve been solely focused on helping law firms and clients connect.  We have also been learning, adapting, evolving and improving with each change in the legal, online marketing, and search industries.  We are equipped to provide our clients the best service, the best product, and the best results.  We’ve seen it all, and are prepared for the future.



What do we mean that we’re optimized?

When you work with Consultwebs, your benefits include:


Licensed attorneys, on staff, to write and edit thoughtful content

Who else should be in charge of content for your law firm website? Gregory Froom, JD leads our content team to provide high-quality, engaging posts, pages and more.  We identify a purpose for each piece of content, and think about the user and what he or she needs to know, and needs to hear.  And, since we only work with law firms, we are able to be laser focused on strategy, design, and content that your firm needs to reach your prospective clients.


Dedicated, well-educated consultants to work with your firm

Our consultants build relationships with our clients, learning important details about each firm. Our consultants don’t manage dozens or hundreds of clients, but only a handful.  This way, they can tailor each campaign to the unique needs and goals of your firm, in your market.  They also complete extensive training programs, and engage in ongoing education to stay ahead of others in the industry.  They spend significant amounts of time strategizing, planning, coordinating workflows and providing meaningful information to our clients.  They update clients on campaign milestones, changes in the search industry, and other topics that may affect their online approach.  In other words, they tell you what you need and want to know to get the most from your investment.


Beautiful, functional design, and skillful development

Our designers not only create sites that are attractive and capture your firm’s brand and personality, but incorporate knowledge and data to lead to better engagement and more leads. Our development team implements a 300-point quality checklist to ensure proper user experience, optimization and responsive design functionality.  Our clients’ sites are fast, secure, and reliable to maximize visibility, and establish trust.


Experts in all key areas

From SEO to SEM, social media, outreach, design, content, local, reputation management, strategy, development, programming, conversion rate optimization, creative assets and more, Consultwebs has experience and expertise. Our team of over 50 qualified professionals has certifications in Google Analytics, Google Adwords, WordPress, and more. Try getting the same experience with an in-house SEO or a single person to run all of your Web marketing functions.  We are focused on providing expert service, and great results, not selling.  On a team of more than 50, we have 2 salespeople.


Assets that nobody else has

Our creative team produces truly unique and powerful interactive assets that engage visitors, drive new visits and reinforce your firm’s dominance and expertise in various areas.


Coordination of marketing activities to maximize benefit

Not only can Consultwebs, design, produce and optimize your website, but our team can promote your firm through social media, public relations, and build authority through outreach. We get great results from Pay-Per-Click and other SEM campaigns, create fantastic content and assets, and can coordinate online activities with all of your firm’s other efforts to complement one another and help drive new leads and cases.  Most other providers can’t be this involved with each of their clients.  We know that all efforts must work in concert to maximize your return.


Focus on data and your return on investment

We are guided by the large amounts of data we collect about websites, client conversion rates, and return on your investment.


You own it all

Unlike some other companies, Consultwebs gives our clients full ownership of their websites, and we set up Analytics on their accounts so they are always able to retain their data. If you are our client, you also own your domain name, design, and the content we produce for your site.  Not that you would ever want to, but if you should leave Consultwebs, you can take their site with you, without hassle.


Peace of mind

With Consultwebs, you don’t have to worry about penalties as a result of our work. Suspicious or black-hat tactics, engaged in by questionable providers of online marketing services, can lead to severe negative consequences for firms.  We build high-quality websites, coordinate efforts to work together and invest the labor needed to achieve results. We won’t sacrifice your long term goals, for short-term impressions. There are no shortcuts to ethical online marketing and search engine optimization success, when done properly.  It simply requires great strategy, great execution and a great team.


why-choose-usNow, and in the future, your firm’s Internet presence, and ability to be found on the Web, will likely be the single most crucial aspect of your marketing success.

Your decision to select a partner that will help your firm succeed online is probably the most important that you will make, apart from hiring your own attorneys and staff.

You need to be sure that your partner is dedicated to your success, will provide a good return on your investment, and is committed to delivering superior service.

You’re bound to have a lot of questions about an area as complex as online law firm marketing.  With our low client-to-consultant ratio, our team is available to you for discussions, will respond to your emails in a timely fashion, and will know your voice on the phone.

If our clients have questions, or need to make changes to their sites or campaigns, they don’t have to spend their time trying to find someone to talk to.

Our team is dedicated to our clients’ success and satisfaction, and know that we must work with them, and not just on their behalf, to get the best results.

When the Internet was barely a toddler, back in 1999, our CEO Dale Tincher had the vision to understand that law firms could grow their business and their caseload from great websites and online marketing for many years into the future.  He founded Consultwebs with the single purpose of helping law firms and clients connect.  Dale has guided our company through countless changes in the search and legal industries with the same vision and foresight that inspired him to establish the company.

choose-us-meetingYou’ve probably seen some pitches from companies that promise to get you ranked on page 1 of Google’s results in a very short period of time.  An outfit that makes a guarantee like that is likely to be more focused on the short term, and may do whatever it takes to show you a quick result, that may not last very long.  That could even include some questionable tactics that might lead to big problems for your firm in the long run.

Our guarantee is that we’ll give you and your firm extraordinary service, that we will constantly work to improve your ROI from the Web, and that we truly understand that your success IS our success. We treat your business as if it is our own, work diligently on your campaign, and approach each decision with your long-term success in mind.  Nobody does that better.

Our customer retention is very high, as is satisfaction, and some of our clients have been with us for more than 15 years. Check out our testimonial page for more from our happy law firm customers. We aren’t the least expensive option, but many of our clients would say we’re cheap for the return that they are seeing.

We don’t play games. We don’t use smoke or mirrors. We do top-quality work. We keep you informed and involved every step of the way, and we deliver results. When you partner with Consultwebs, you get everything your firm needs to establish and maintain a superior Web presence and get more cases from the Web.

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