Your Law Firm Doesn’t Have To Miss Another Call

Your Law Firm Doesn’t Have To Miss Another Call

Law firms that do not have an after-hour Intake call center lose tens of thousands of dollars each year. Business never stops. This is true no matter the industry. The fact that the office closes at 5pm should not affect the bottom line. Clients need to be able to connect with your law firm whatever the time of day or night. A missed call is a missed opportunity, which is missed revenue.

What is the resolution?

A 24/7 intake service is an affordable and often profitable solution, especially when the service offers multi-lingual options. By employing an Intake call center, companies can respond to clients exactly when the client makes contact.

These services offer a tidy solution to a potentially messy problem. The Intake service takes care of its own employees, saving law firms time and money in human resources. The service employs enough staff to offer 24-hour attention, even on holidays, so law firms do not have to pay their own staff overtime or hire new staff. Finally, the service enables legal staff to focus on what they do best instead of constantly answering incoming calls.

My Experience

Consultwebs clients have benefited from Alert Communications’ focus on high quality client response, bilingual offerings, flexible engagement options and reporting. Alert Communications’ legal focus is also a plus.

Law firms that employ Alert Communications are able to customize their scripts, have documents emailed, schedule appointments, process new clients, verify representation, and more. Alert Communications can serve as a 24-hour answering service, or just after-hours, depending on the specific need.

Alert Communications offers a myriad of benefits, including date and time options and appointment scheduling flexibilities. Immediately connecting with an actual person rather than having to leave a voicemail also gives potential clients a positive impression of the law firm. Unquestionably, this is good customer service, and yet another reason for the prospective client to start or continue this business relationship. Finally, appointments made after-hours means more revenue coming in during the work day. Appointments can be made and new client information can be collected in order for more efficient business to be conducted during the workday.

Alert Communications’ pricing is very reasonable.  As the testimonials on Alert Communications’ website indicate, the business generated after-hours more than justifies the cost of the answering service. With Alert Communications, fees are only incurred during the time that the intake specialists are engaged. If no phone calls are expected on New Year’s Day, for example, and the answering service is not in use, there will be no charge for that day. Alert Communications also offers the option of voicemail services, which may be appropriate for some law firms as well as more cost effective.

Personal Recommendation

With all the benefits and specific tools Alert Communications offers, adding an Intake Call Center to the budget should be an easy conclusion. With personalized scripts, increased customer satisfaction, bilingual services, and improved efficiency for the legal staff, Alert Communications helps law firms grow their customer relationships and their revenue. Visit Alert Communications’ website or connect with Consultwebs to discuss all options.