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05 Jun 2017

4 SEO Tips Law Firms Can Implement Today

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Law firms need clients to survive, and the Internet has changed the face of business forever. However, there are some aspects that have remained the same over time. The in-person attorney-client relationship isn’t in jeopardy, but it does require you…

23 May 2017

Google Map Maker Closed Its Doors

If you hadn’t heard, Google announced late last year (November 2016) that it would be shutting down Google Map Maker, its older online tool that allowed anyone to contribute updates to Google Maps. Google made the decision official on March…

17 May 2017

Why Consolidating Content Might Be Right For Your Firm’s Website

As the world continues to become more technologically savvy and aware, control shifts from the marketer to the consumer. In the past, when working on a new page for a site, marketers would find the keywords that they wanted to…

11 May 2017

Tips for Personalizing Content on Your Law Firm Website

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Did you know that 75 percent of Netflix users pick a movie based on the service’s recommendations for them? Similarly, Amazon reports that 35 percent of sales stem from its recommendations for shoppers. These behemoth service providers stand out as…