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04 Aug 2017

What Type of Content Should My Law Firm Boost on Facebook?


Content marketing in the legal world is complicated on its own. How does one please search engines while still appealing to potential clients with legal content? Add social media into the mix and you have a multi-layered task that may…

31 Jul 2017

Walking The Legal Line… Law Firm Ad Regulations


When it comes to state bar rules, variety is the name of the game. Virtually all states require attorney advertising to comply with their state bar ethics and advertising rules. However, pre-approval is not always mandatory. Some states require submission…

26 Jul 2017

New Jersey Prohibits Lawyers from Using Avvo Legal Services


Avvo says that it charges a “marketing fee” to the lawyers it connects with potential clients through its Legal Services program. However, three New Jersey Supreme Court committees defined it differently in a recently issued joint ethics opinion. Avvo’s “marketing…

17 Jul 2017

The Importance of Mobile Optimization on Social Media

optimized for mobile

It wasn’t long ago that phones were used just to speak with friends and family. Nowadays, that rectangle in your pocket is a gateway to calls, texts, games, calendars, apps, and, of course, social media. Last year, Facebook surpassed 1.03…