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04 Apr 2017

How often does Google want your firm to blog?

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It’s a common question.  How often should your firm be blogging to get value for search visibility? There are differing opinions.  Some may tell you that the more you blog, the better.  Others may have a number of posts per…

03 Apr 2017

What Is the True Value of Social Media ROI?

Social media stats

What is the real difference between a dormant Facebook page and one that is thriving? And don’t just ask the question about what the pages look like on the surface, but in regard to the return on your investment. In short, does…

22 Mar 2017

3 Key Points in the Shift to Quality Content in Online Marketing

Content on computer

Quality content in online marketing has taken precedence over spammy links and content. Small, non-business-related websites often take the fast and easy route to high search engine rankings and risk waking up the next day to zero revenue. But, businesses, including law…

16 Mar 2017

Aristotle’s Advice for Legal Marketing Strategy


Marketing and the practice of law, though very different, share a common goal of persuasion. As a law student, you may have become familiar with Aristotle’s rhetorical appeals: ethos, pathos, and logos. Your understanding of these theories can give you…