Law Firm Web Marketing Competition: Staying Educated And Analyzing Your Data

Law Firm Web Marketing Competition: Staying Educated And Analyzing Your Data

Knowing who your law firm competitors are and what kind of time and monetary investment they are placing into their online marketing efforts is nearly as essential as implementing your own firm’s Internet marketing strategy. With the Web being an equalizer of all marketplaces−it is the ultimate meritocracy. Because the Web makes it so much more efficient to spread ideas, it poses a great opportunity to showcase a firm’s expertise and capabilities, while growing its brand awareness. On the other hand, competing law firms with similar practice areas that are located in close geographic proximity should be cautious and educated, now more than ever, because of this hyper-competitive marketplace.

With constant change characterizing the Internet marketplace and the most notable trends (in the past twelve months) being a significant increase in Internet users accompanied with a dramatic increase in law firm competition, many firms have developed aggressive Internet marketing strategies and have benefited significantly by experiencing increasing case loads. The rapid changes make it difficult for firms to keep up. One of the ways helps its clients is by highlighting specific law firm Web marketing information to enable our law firm clients to move quickly to implement Internet marketing strategies that will put them ahead of the curve and ensure that our clients receive their share of the available cases.

So what about the competition? Do you know what they are doing? If you don’t know what your firm’s competition is up to, then you have no way of preventing them from attracting your potential clients. If you don’t know their latest prospect conversion tactics, aren’t aware of their latest website updates, their website call-to-actions or haven’t heard what they are saying about you, these firms can being to eat into your firm’s business.

What is the best way to go about competitive intelligence gathering? What is the ideal way to find out how your competitors are conducting business? This article will share some of the tools that you can use to keep tabs on your competitors.

Please bear in mind that most of these tools are indicators, but do not obtain data from enough sources to be providing a high level of accuracy. Many of them rely on toolbars that users must agree to install and others obtain their data from a small sampling of servers. Google does not reveal the detail that these tools would need to truly measure and provide accurate results.

  • is a tool that firms can use to track their competition. Which of your competitors has content published online? You are given complete access to all of the presentations that law firms have published online. What a great way to find out what kind of public face a competing firm is presenting!
  • // runs your firms website alongside your competitors’ website. How well is your website doing? Is it getting traffic? Does it have SEO problems? How popular is it in social media?
  • is an online version of someone’s browsers bookmarks, so if many people have your firm’s site bookmarked, it means you have valuable and authoritative content. If, your competitors’ bookmarks grow rapidly, it means the marketplace is responding to something the competing firm is saying or doing.
  • // allows your firm to run its Twitter profile through and compare to each competitor it the blogosphere. will provide your firm with a customized and detailed website audit that will evaluate your website analytics and determine areas that need attention, as well as provide you with a search engine rankings report that compares your website with four competitors. The website audit will also point out areas where your campaign is performing well. Reach out to for more information regarding our website audit and process.

While it is important to get a baseline of how your firm is performing relative to your competition in the short term, it is even more important to evaluate how your firm is doing relative to your competitors over a long period of time.’s Analytics Team is extremely diligent about monitoring and tracking metrics for its clients. In order to continuously evaluate your website’s performance, our Analytics Team ensures that Google Analytics are installed in order to provide online access to website traffic and activity statistics at any given time., Inc. encourages active participation by our clients and provides a client login to allow the firm to track and monitor website performance. We stay vigilant and cautious (on our Clients behalf), providing watchdog information on their competitors

Additionally, provides performance monitoring and reporting on a monthly basis for search engine rankings and website traffic analysis for its Clients. With our Clients’ participation, a monthly 20+ page report is provided that includes an informed review of their competition, an expansive look at their website’s rankings, in both Google and Bing, and an overview of their social networking visibility. Primary website reporting, tracking three competitors, one-hundred fifty (150) keywords in both Google & Bing, monitoring is also provided. makes sure that its clients are educated on the art of building a successful (multi-prong) Internet market campaign. A properly developed and measured website can deliver cases. Several of our clients discuss the results and ROI’s they are obtaining on our Testimonials Page.