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26 Jul 2017

New Jersey Prohibits Lawyers from Using Avvo Legal Services


Avvo says that it charges a “marketing fee” to the lawyers it connects with potential clients through its Legal Services program. However, three New Jersey Supreme Court committees defined it differently in a recently issued joint ethics opinion. Avvo’s “marketing…

23 May 2017

Google Map Maker Closed Its Doors

If you hadn’t heard, Google announced late last year (November 2016) that it would be shutting down Google Map Maker, its older online tool that allowed anyone to contribute updates to Google Maps. Google made the decision official on March…

03 Feb 2017

Who Is Spamming the Heck Out of U.S. Legal Sites?

heat map

This is a data-rich deep dive investigating a large network of sites that are linking to a majority of top-ranking legal websites throughout the country. It is more technical in nature and has an expectation of some familiarity of SEO…

22 Sep 2016

Avvo’s First Amendment Rights Trump Legal Challenges

courtroom gavel

Two putative class-action lawsuits that took aim at the way Avvo uses sponsored listings to earn revenue have fizzled out, with one case ending in a settlement and the other in a dismissal. We first reported on the lawsuits in…