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Adapt to a Changing Social Media Landscape With Confidence Discover how your law firm can confidently navigate and adapt to the shifting social media landscape in the wake of the TikTok ban, unlocking new opportunities for digital engagement and client growth. We’ve previously released a blog [...]

As firms are entrusted with lots of sensitive (and legal) information, cybersecurity is a must. Learn about the different types of cyberattacks and download a FREE cybersecurity protocol. The truth is cyberattacks can happen to any business and can be costly for those who aren't prepared. Researc[...]

Although Alex Jones was banned from Twitter and other social media platforms almost exactly 3 years ago (Sept. 18, 2018) for abusive speech, it has done little to slow the stream of conspiracy-mongering he is known for. Political scientist Rebekah Tromble has attributed Jones’ continued success to[...]

Are you ready for Google’s next update? Come May 2021, the Google algorithm as we know it will change – again. Though the search engine undergoes near-constant updates, the vast majority go under the radar. The upcoming core update, however, is one that will potentially impact your SEO efforts [...]

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Many lawyers have fully embraced use of the online legal directory, Avvo. They may highlight on their website that they have a five-star Avvo client rating or a 10.0 Avvo rating. They may also use marketing services such as Avvo Advertising or Avvo Pro. In the past, we have published articles on [...]