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20 Oct 2014

When Clients Are Unhappy, How You Respond Matters.

Do you browse the Internet to see what people are saying about your firm? What do you do when a client posts a bad review? That review can be seen by anyone, including people who are seeking the legal services…

16 Oct 2014

Getting Bad Reviews? Review Your Client Communication.

Who among us has not had a bad customer service experience? We all have. And most of us have Internet access, along with multiple forums for telling others about our negative customer service incidents. If you have not been keeping…

11 Jun 2014

Why Your Competitor Plans to Attend PILMMA’s 2014 Legal Marketing Conference

Pop quiz for the lawyers reading today’s post: Just one question, but it’s a doozy. Specialized knowledge in what study is required to build a successful law practice? If you answered law, you just failed. No law firm ever became…

08 Feb 2014

Your Marketing Plan is Worthless if Your Intake Staff Fails to Convert Leads

“Press 1 if you know your party’s extension….” We have all had that dreaded experience of dealing with automated customer service recordings. “Press 2 to hear answers to frequently asked questions about our services.” No matter what business you operate,…