Call Tracking for Law Firms: The Value of Tracking Your Leads from the Web

Call Tracking for Law Firms: The Value of Tracking Your Leads from the Web

Which components of your law firm advertising are working? Too many law firms throw a significant amount of marketing dollars at a myriad of advertising mediums and do not take the time to evaluate their efforts. As you know, it is critical to monitor, assess and modify your marketing initiatives on an ongoing basis in order to maximize your return on investment (ROI). This is even more important for law firms who are investing in multiple areas like the Web, TV, print, Yellow Pages and other marketing mediums. In its basic format, call tracking gives you the ability to trace phone calls back to the individual calling and the keywords the individual entered to get to your website. Having the ability to track phone calls made from any page on your website, along with the capability to monitor visitor form submissions, allows you to evaluate the return that your Web efforts are providing. The bottom line is that proper call tracking will allow you to spend the least to achieve the most.

Several products are available to help you monitor your visitor data. Google Analytics, for example, is a free tool, provided by Google, which allows you to track detailed website visitor statistics. The service is geared toward assisting marketers and IT professionals analyze and use the information to improve their website marketing efforts. Unfortunately, Google Analytics cannot track a visitor who picks up the phone and calls your law firm.

Why is it necessary to track conversions?

In the past, form “submissions” were the only way a law firm could ultimately “see” their Web efforts paying off. If you received 10 inquiries from the Web in a week, you knew your website was offering value. However, if the forms submissions slowed down the following week, you might start questioning your investment. The phone, however, continued to ring and your inquiries continued to improve. You were running multiple TV ads each day. You paid for five billboards and a double-truck ad in the Yellow Pages, each using the same vanity phone number. Business may have been good, but your investments may not have been sustainable or efficient. You may have even lost money on some of your advertising choices. The Web now offers detailed reporting services that will allow you effectively determine the return on your marketing dollars.

In order to maximize your firm’s budget, it is necessary to track your investments and make adjustments accordingly. Hard data will help you gauge your advertising components and allow you to make the proper adjustments.

Phone Tracking

Achieving accurate results requires monitoring and evaluating the phone conversions that are generated by your website. By monitoring the results, your firm can determine how the visitor accessed your website, what search phrases they used to find your site, which pages they visited, the time they spent on each individual page, and what page they were looking at when they decided to call your office.

How it Works

In order to implement a call tracking service on your website, a Web marketing company or your IT professional will insert supplied programming code that will generate an individualized phone number for each new user session. The generated phone number will be displayed to the visitor as they navigate the website. The system will track the individual’s movements and associate the individual’s activity to the assigned number when they call. Each visitor will be presented with a different phone number from a pool of numbers that seamlessly redirect to your regular office number.

You want to ensure that you have a legal Internet marketing company that has experience with analyzing data to determine what efforts are offering the best results. Or, you should train someone on your staff to analyze the results.

From this information, you may determine, for example, that the majority of your calls are coming from visitors who searched on “Raleigh Car Accident” phrases. If these are cases you wish to pursue more heavily, you will be able to place more emphasis in this area and increase the number of conversions. You may also determine that your workplace injuries’ page does not compel a visitor to call your office. To be proactive, you may consider enhancing the design aspect of the page, improving the content and potentially changing the graphics found on the page. And, of course, you want to monitor and evaluate the results following those adjustments.

Although call tracking does require additional investments to implement and monitor, it is absolutely necessary to determine what areas are offering the optimal return on your investment. The intelligence obtained from knowing how visitors are accessing your site, what pages are being viewed, and the pages that are individually responsible for converting that visitor into an inquirer will more than justify the implementation investment. Once you have the data, you will be able to implement the changes. You can use the information derived from your call tracking to adjust your marketing strategy and invest in the areas that are producing the best results — while trimming down on the areas that are preventing you from reaching your desired growth.

To achieve true tracking results requires that you have a complete understanding of your marketing efforts or that you retain a qualified legal marketing company to analyze that information for you. We welcome you to contact us today to learn more about the call tracking services and other marketing services we provide. Please contact us at or 1-877-278-6796.