Busy Lawyer Update – August 10, 2017

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We know you are busy, so we did the reading for you. Our team of more than 50 search marketing experts shares the most important news that attorneys need to know about online marketing and web technology from the recent past.

A Better Way To Communicate

July 12, 2017 by Eric Reiss @consultwebs

Google has rolled out a messaging feature to Google My Business customers. When someone sees your company’s local panel in mobile search, they will see a “message” icon, which will take them to their native messaging app and let them message the business.

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Designing Your Site With the Mobile User In Mind

July 13, 2017 by Hannah Bessinger @hannahbessinger

optimized for mobileSince over half of all Google searches are now performed on a mobile device, it is safe to assume that at least half of a company’s potential clients will interact with its website for the first time from a mobile device. Since sites are often built for desktop use and then adapted for mobile use, mobile users are often left with an underwhelming experience or with a site that is simply difficult to navigate. This article makes the case that a company can have a better online presence than its competitors by simply designing a website geared toward mobile users first.

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Updates to Google My Business  Insights Email

July 13, 2017 by Erick Merlo  @erickmerlo

Google My Business has updated its monthly insights email, the email they send business owners summarizing the statistics and analytics about how well their Google local listing is performing. The new email is much more visually appealing than the previous email and shares a lot more data as well.

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Reasons to Consider Setting up a Pinterest Business Profile

July 19, 2017 by Matt Rhoney @rhoney410

Pinterest has become one of the largest social media platforms and a prime opportunity space for advertising businesses and products. Now, businesses can promote their services through Pins to be seen by a large audience. Pinterest has made Ad Campaigns a simple process for businesses. Although you may be bringing more traffic, you will need to consider your budget as the price can range per click. Social media has proven to be an effective tactic to promote businesses of all types, and it couldn’t ring more true for lawyers. As online marketing continues to evolve, it is important to consider all outlets to promote and advertise.

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Rethinking Your Email Marketing Strategies

July 25, 2017 by Landon Biehl @biehl1

Drip email campaigns are a part of almost any marketing strategy. It’s vital to process potential leads by the level of engagement and interest a customer exhibits. When categorizing leads generated from your website, there are several very important factors one must consider when developing email communication channels with future clients. Consider the following when developing your email campaigns:1. Rework on your preference strategy. 2. Make sure that your data is correct and well synchronized. 3. Are your emails reaching inboxes? 4. Have you made your campaign smartphone-ready? 5. Have you segmented your mailing list? 6. Keep track of reports over a series of campaigns 7. Make use of templates.

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For Lawyers, No Shortage of Top Attorney Lists

July 21, 2017 by Wade Rawlins  @Consultwebs

gavelDoes your law firm get award solicitations regularly? Lawyers spend approximately $157,000 a year on average in employee time and expenses to complete submissions for Super Lawyers, Best Lawyers, Martindale-Hubbell, Who’s Who Legal, Lawdragon, Legal 500, and many other compilations of top attorneys, according to The Wall Street Journal. For large law firms, the average expenditure in the awards race is nearly $700,000 a year. Attorney rankings have proliferated since the recession as legal trade publications seek to monetize honors to boost revenue.

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Facebook & Google Continue Their Duopoly For Law Firm Digital Marketing


meticsMore than 60% of Internet advertising in the USA will be spent on Facebook or Google, because of the targeting abilities of those platforms. A vendor like Consultwebs can analyze your target audience and serve ads only to those who meet your qualified-leads standards. This percentage of market share is expected to only increase over time. Your audience is waiting.

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