Month: February 2020

legal tech and access to justice

We talk about technology and access to justice, and then we go deeper into the A2J forest with Baobab Connect founder, Guy Stern. NEWS - GUEST - © 2020 Consultwebs[...]

fixing law schools

We discuss innovation & regulations of the legal profession, then we chat with Professor Ben Barton, making his return to the podcast to discuss his new book “Fixing Law Schools”. NEWS - GUEST - © 2020 - Consultwebs[...]

social media success for lawyers

Social media for lawyers, marketing, creativity, content, and a whole bunch of other stuff with the Streaming Lawyer, Mitch Jackson. NEWS - GUEST - © 2020 Consultwebs[...]

four marketing objectives for law firms Consultwebs SEO

Legal services is one of the most competitive industries in the country, so building a law firms book of business with marketing is an easy decision to make. The difficulties arrive when those funding the marketing have to prioritize the activities; what do you do first, in what order? Listen to [...]

law firms vs marketing

We talk ROI, marketing, awareness and advertising with the Emmy award winning Ed Herman of Brown and Crouppen. NEWS - GUEST - © 2020 Consultwebs[...]