Month: October 2019

legal research & ai in the law firm

We talk about bottom-up legal innovation from solos to the bigs, and then a chat with Thomas Hamilton from ROSS Intelligence about legal research, AI, and where law firms are headed. NEWS - GUEST - © 2019 Consultwebs[...]

the million dollar attorney

We sit down with Wendy Witt, founder of the Million Dollar Attorney, to find out how she helps lawyers change their mindsets, achieve specific goals, and grow their firms. NEWS - GUEST - © 2019 Consultwebs[...]

copywriting in legal marketing and advertising

We talk bland taglines and how to solve them, and then an interview with marketer, copywriter, and Associate Creative Director at Wellmark, Dr. Ryan Wallman. NEWS - GUEST - © 2019 Consultwebs[...]

frankenfirm: piecing together innovation & legal tech

We talk legal innovation, tech adaptation, and how lawyers are piecing together solutions, and then we chat with lawyer, consultant, and legal tech mad scientist Jess Birken. NEWS - GUEST - © 2019 Consultwebs[...]