Month: July 2019

how lawyers leverage their law firms intake & referrals

We talk about what sets a world-class intake department apart from the forgettable crowd, and then we chat with Maddy Martin from Smith AI about intake, marketing, referrals and law firm growth. NEWS - GUEST - (Promo code; LAWSOME50) ©2019 Consultwebs[...]

best attorney websites of 2019

More than just a fancy business card, legal website design can be a branding vehicle, an experience for clients, a sales machine, and an essential component to a law firm’s marketing strategy. But the truth of the matter is, when it comes to website design, most law firms favor something within[...]

how the modern lawyer gets paid (or not)

We talk accounts receivables and how modern lawyers are getting paid, how they're getting stiffed, and what to do about it with lawyer, entrepreneur, and CEO of Headnote, Sarah Schaaf. NEWS - GUEST - © 2019 Consultwebs[...]

the DIY law firm

Why Legal Tech Remains the Domain of the Legal Elite, where the opportunities are for those who are making them, and then a talk with lawyer, marketer and legal tech DIYer, Justie Nicol. NEWS - GUEST -[...]

Attorney advertisements. They are everywhere: on television, billboards, buses, and the subway. Often billboards give a simple call to action, and commercials can play on emotions or make you giggle. Sometimes it seems like many of the advertisements run together, using duplicate or similar tag line[...]

law firm development and marketing

We discuss legal business development trends and then we talk to Lauren Currin the Founder & President of Lawyers Marketing Associates about strategies and marketing approaches to help grow your firm. NEWS - GUEST - © 2019 - Consultwebs[...]

marketing your law firm online

We talk about why attorneys hate marketing, and then we talk with the marketer, journalist, & creative firebrand Charlie Heck about what it takes to successfully market a law firm online. NEWS - GUEST - © 2019 Consultwebs[...]