Month: January 2019

marketing in and out of the courtroom

We talk about the power of visual in marketing with an article from Hubspot, and then we sit down with Aaron Birk and Irma Hawkins from DK Global to discuss the impact illustration and visual marketing have in trial law, and how lawyers can use social media more authentically. HOT TAKE - https://[...]

building a law firm that lasts

We talk about marketing and business development ideas for law firms with an article from the Legal Marketing Association, and we interview lawyer and business development pro extraordinaire David Craig and discuss his path to growing a powerhouse law practice. NEWS - http://blog.legalmarketing.o[...]

the millennial legal consumer

We talk about millennials and consumer behaviors and how to get those damn kids of our lawns with an article from, and then we talk with Nika Kabiri from Lux Insights about the research she’s done and how to reach the new digital generation of legal consumers. NEWS - https:[...]

the torts of tomorrow

We check out the torts of tomorrow with an article from the DMV on driverless cars, then we talk scooters and robots with forward-leaning law professor Tracy Pearl from Texas Tech University. NEWS -  GUEST -[...]