Month: December 2018

jake and paul a lawsome new year

We look forward to the New Year and talk about some trends, topics, and episodes to keep an ear out for and we highlight five legal marketing trends we'll keep an eye on in 2019. Review and Rate the show! © 2018 Consultwebs[...]

millennials, minorities, & the gig law movement

We view the diverse future of gig law and discover how lawyers are finding success on the fringes, and then we interview lawyer and director of academic success at University of Tennessee College of Law, Renee Allen, and discuss where diversity, education, and the legal profession are headed. NEW[...]

diversity in the legal profession & law firm

We talk about the state of diversity in law and we interview Stephanie Thompson and discuss her writings on the expanding definitions of diversity and inclusion in the legal profession. NEWS -[...]

mass media vs digital advertising for lawyers

We dip into a recent Nielsen survey to discover how tv, digital and social media is consumed, where it’s most watched and what this all means to law firms, and then we break it all down and build it back up as we talk about mass media vs digital advertising for lawyers with Consultwebs Digital Adv[...]