Month: November 2018

why do law firms fail? the lawyer e-myth

We discuss the small business roots of problems facing law firms today, we dispel the entrepreneurial myth behind what it takes to launch and run a successful business, and we dive into our first episode of The LAWsome Bookclub, with Michael Gerber’s “E-Myth” NEWS - https://www.huffingtonp[...]

holiday marketing ideas for law firms

Yes, it’s that time of year again: future leftovers in the oven, family flying all over the country, Starbucks coffee cups with snowflakes on them… As the weather turns cold and you prepare for yet another failed New Year’s Resolution, we encourage you to get creative with your marketing for t[...]

legal tech, fear, and the future

We talk about fear and entrepreneurs as we review an article from the Harvard Business Review, and we interview lawyer and legal tech gadfly, Dan Lear from Right Brain Law, about embracing change, and the future of legal tech. NEWS -[...]

optimize your intake department

On the show today we talk about phone mistakes lawyers make with an article by Jeena Cho, and we speak to advertising legend Harlan Schillinger of LeadDocket, about correcting the leaks in law firms intake processes. NEWS - [...]

does your law firm need an app?

On the show today we talk legal tech and apps past and present with articles from the AmericanBar &, then we talk to an attorney who’s been there and done that, the creator of YourFirm app Chris Smith to find out what the realities of creating a law firm app are and where it’s all go[...]