Month: October 2018

alternative legal services & tomorrow's contracts with conrad

We visit and talk about how changes in procurement and alternative legal services are altering the definition of what it means to be a lawyer, and then we chat with the founders of ConRad and learn about contract management and the future of the legal landscape. NEWS -[...]

legal marketing in motion

We talk about the power of video in advertising and sit down with the Founder of Crisp Video Group, Michael Mogill to discover what it takes to make game changing videos for law firms. NEWS - GUEST - https://www.crispvideo.[...]

on legal marketing

Today we talk about legal marketing mistakes in an article from Forbes, and sit down with lawyer and PILMMA legal marketing legend, Ken Hardison, to discuss what it takes to successfully market a law firm while running it. NEWS -[...]

legal writing meets legal tech

Being able to express judgement and wisdom through legal writing is a foundational aspect to the practice of law. We discuss the basics of legal writing and how tech can help lawyers write more gooder. NEWS -[...]

understanding legal marketing & advertising

Learn how lawyers can work ON their business rather than IN their business with an article by Master Legal Marketer Harlan Schillinger, and sit down with the author/legend himself and discover the differences between advertising and marketing, plus hear some hard truths about law firm intake. NE[...]