Month: August 2018

everybody hates lawyers until they need one

We talk about public perception of lawyers with an article from the Huffington Post, and then dive into legal consumer insights with market research expert Nika Kabiri. NEWS - GUEST -[...]

building a better law practice

On the show today we talk about misconceptions about starting a law firm with an article from, we interview attorney, blogger, and author Jeremy Richter and discuss his new book, Building a Better Law Firm. NEWS -[...]

lola vs skadden and the future of law

We talk about legal innovation and automation with an article from & we discuss the future of law and the Lola vs Skadden case with Michael Simon and Alvin Lindsay. NEWS - GUEST - htt[...]

solo - freelancing and the future of law

We talk about the changing landscape of legal services with an article from - we interview lawyer, podcaster and nerd impresario Mike Whelan about what being SOLO means for lawyers, now and in the future, and why lawyers have to start focusing on disrupting their own industry. NEWS [...]