Month: April 2018

legal tech in a flat world

We interview legal professor, lawyer, author, and legal tech scholar Gillian Hadfield about globalization, tech innovation, and what lawyers can learn from her new book, “Rules for a Flat World.” NEWS - GUEST - https://www[...]

the introverted lawyer

In this episode we learn about personality theories and lawyers, find ways introverted lawyers can find success, and we speak with Brooklyn Law professor Heidi Brown about her new book, The Introverted Lawyer. NEWS - GU[...]

lawsome the podcast for law firms

How big data is helping lawyers and law firms test strategies, identify biases, and win trials. Consultwebs podcast, LAWsome, sat down with University of Denver law professor Bernard Chao last month to talk about his career, his work using big data to test trial strategies, and how lawyers can star[...]

swipe 2 hire - finding legal work in 2018

In this episode we speak with Carly Steinbaum and learn about her job hunting app for lawyers, Denovo, and discuss the ways law grads and seasoned attorneys are looking for work in the age of Tinder. NEWS -[...]

digital marketing for lawyers

In this episode we speak with business leader, programmer and Consultwebs president Magnus Simonarson about how legal marketing has changed in the new millennium, what principles have remained the same and what has changed as well as what’s breaking over the horizon in the future. We also talk abo[...]