Month: March 2018

the renaissance lawyer

In this episode we talk about the latest legal tech innovations, interview in-house corporate lawyer, programmer and blogger Colin Levy, and unpack the multi-disciplinarian future of practicing law - what skills will you need to become indispensable in the law firm of tomorrow - how can you become ‚[...]

true worth - charging for legal services

On the show today we hit the Hot Takes Buffet with an article from on how lawyers establish their rates, and we interview the True Worth Expert, Vanessa Ugatti, and find out how lawyers can charge what they’re really worth. NEWS -[...]

big data meets little law firms

In this episode we dig deep into the steaming mountain of data surrounding legal tech, AI, and Big Data to learn how it will impact the future of practicing law, and how lawyers can use data to create better trial strategies, workplaces, and careers! NEWS -[...]

design - thinking, empathy, and lawyers

In this episode we empathically unpack an article from - 10 Predictions for Legal Tech in 2018 - we interview adjunct professor at Vanderbilt Law, Cat Moon, about human-centered design, and learn how lawyers and law firms can update their practice. NEWS -[...]