Month: February 2018

psychodrama; how lawyers use stories to win trials

In this episode we discuss the ways psychology and the practice of law overlap, and how lawyers are using psychodrama and storytelling to win trials and run better law firms. NEWS - GUEST - ©2018 Consultweb[...]

build your dream network

In this episode we speak with networking-guru Kelly Hoey, and learn about the ways lawyers can expand their influence, achieve their short and long term goals, and build their dream network. We also take a look at an article from on ways lawyers can increase their networking skil[...]

rebooting justice

In this episode we talk about the justice system itself - what’s working, what's not, and what may need a reboot - We also interview tort law professor and author Ben Barton about his book Rebooting Justice, and learn ways lawyers can address inequality in their legal ecosystems. NEWS - http:/[...]

the linkedin lawyer

In this episode we learn how lawyers and law firms are using social media, specifically LinkedIn, to connect networks, find clients, and stay relevant. Our guest is LinkedIn legal marketer and consultant Rachel Tombs from Links2Leads NEWS LINK -[...]

5 absolute musts for effective law firm intake

Whether you are a large corporate law firm or small personal injury firm, your intake process is often the first interaction potential clients have with your firm. In a competitive niche like legal services, first impressions matter. The first intake call can mean the difference in not only signing [...]