Introducing Chris Mullins and PILMMA’s Telephone Success Program for Lawyers

Introducing Chris Mullins and PILMMA’s Telephone Success Program for Lawyers

You already know that customer service is vital to your law firm’s success. While every law firm will have a different approach to customer service, every law firm will likely be using similar tools to connect with their prospects. Perhaps the most universal customer service tool is the telephone., along with President and CEO Dale Tincher, has heard great comments about the work of Chris Mullins. Known as The Phone Success Doctor™, Chris has been helping companies create stellar customer service experiences over the phone for the past 20 years.  Ken Hardison of the PILMMA, Personal Injury Lawyers’ Marketing & Management Association is offering a program through Chris that we recommend.  Chris’s PILMMA program includes a script, one-on-one coaching and ongoing training for personal injury lawyers and staff.

Chris Mullins’ recent book Monkey Business: For Today’s Phone Weary Office™ highlights several best practices you can put to use in your law firm’s office.

  • Chris recommends treating prospective customers as established customers. Every moment is a sales moment, she says. Imagine the strong relationships you will be able to build with future clients if you “had them at hello”.
  • Make sure everyone in your office, from your receptionist to your attorneys, thinks with the right mindset. There can be countless sales opens in one conversation. Teach your staff that they aren’t “just a secretary”, but a responsible business partner. Remember that when you interact with your staff, you’re practicing internal customer service.
  • Check your state’s communications laws and see if monitoring your phone lines through mystery calling is prohibited. Call tracking is an option. There is no better way to evaluate your team’s skills on the phone than to let them self-evaluate. Call tracking, in particular, is a proven technique to maximize ROI on your law firm website.
  • To achieve phone success in your law firm, clearly define your telephone goals.

To learn more about the PILMMA and Chris Mullins’ Phone Success program, please contact PILMMA using their website contact form or call 800-497-1890.