Marketing Seminar Focuses on Maximizing Return on Investment Marketing Seminar Focuses on Maximizing Return on Investment, Inc., is teaming up with the ATLAS Lawyers Group to present two exciting law firm marketing seminars next month at the W Hotel in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The seminar is set for October 17-20. The ATLAS portion will take place on the first two days, while the portion is set for the final two days. Check out our law firm Web marketing company’s website for more information about the event and information on how to register for it.

“Any law firm looking to grow its practice and ensure its future would benefit greatly from attending both the ATLAS and portions of the seminar,” says law firm Web marketing expert Dale Tincher, our CEO and President.

“We’ve coined our seminar, ‘ROI – Return on Investment,’ because that’s what matters the most for law firms,” Tincher said. “We’re very excited about our Web marketing agenda and the speakers we’ve lined up.

“We want to show law firms how to maximize the return they get on their Internet advertising dollars and, in turn, increase their profits in 2013 and beyond.” focuses exclusively on law firm Web marketing. We provide award-winning websites for law firms across the country, and we are a leader in search engine marketing for lawyers.

Members of our marketing, content, social media, design and search engine optimization (SEO) teams will share their insights on successful online legal marketing strategies and practices at the seminar. We’ll also feature discussions with law firm clients.

The topics will include content, design, link building, social media, pay-per-click ads, buying leads, Yellow Pages, TV advertising and mass torts.

“It’s a chance to hear first-hand from trustworthy, experienced sources about Internet marketing techniques that have worked and why,” Tincher says.

“By now, it’s very clear: The Internet is the future of law firm advertising. The goal of our seminar is to help firms to navigate that future and ensure their long-term marketing success.”

For registration information and more detail on the conference, please visit our conference information page.