Month: June 2012

Top 4 Benefits Live Chat Provides To Law Firms

Live chat is software installed on your website that allows visitors to make immediate contact with a live person through an instant-message-style chat window. Live chat services are normally staffed by trained call center employees who respond to visitors with prepared scripts. Some can also be sta[...]

Tips to Boost Your Avvo Attorney Rating

Avvo is “the Web’s largest free expert-only question and answer forum and directory, where people get legal or health advice every 10 seconds.” From free answers straight from lawyers in real time to seeing peer and past client reviews, the Avvo site contains valuable consumer and professional[...]

Designing a Facebook Page for Your Law Firm

We all know that Facebook never stays the same, especially when it comes to design. This is why it’s so important to stay on top of the most recent changes (e.g.: the newest Timeline layout, discussed below). So, how do we create a great design for your law firm? One simple fact: to really create [...]