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Work SMARTer, not harder

SMART Goal-Setting for your firm Research suggests that strategies do not gain alignment down the organizational chart because objectives are oftentimes not clear. Only an alarming 22% of employees feel their businesses' leaders have a clear direction for their organization. Less than half (41%) of [...]

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Tik-Tok for Lawyers

Tap Into The New Market and Expand Your Firm’s Reach TikTok is creating a buzz in the world, and by now, you've probably heard of it through viral challenges, dance videos, and even the once-famous discussion around banning the app in the United States! The latter never came to be, and in fact, T [...]

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Is A.I the Future of Online Content for Lawyers? thumbnail

Is A.I the Future of Online Content for Lawyers?

In: Content

As technology advances, more and more businesses are turning to artificial intelligence (A.I.) for help with content marketing and SEO strategies. A.I. offers a wealth of benefits that can be extremely useful for online content. However, there are also some limitations and potential risks associated [...]

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The Incredible Power of Legal Storytelling thumbnail

The Incredible Power of Legal Storytelling

'Significant Objects' was an experiment devised by Rob Walker and Joshua Glenn. The purpose of it was to demonstrate the power of stories. In short, they went on their computer, purchased 200 objects with the criteria of each being $1.25 on average, and spent a total of $129. Then 200 contributing w [...]

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How to Design an ADA Compliant Website

As technology evolves, so does the responsibility of web designers. Today, they have to consider each element on a web page to adapt to the needs of users with disabilities.  The ADA, Americans with Disabilities Act, was created in 1990 and it prohibits discrimination against those with disabili [...]

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