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13 May 2015

How Will Your Law Firm Adapt to Facebook’s Latest Algorithm Changes?

How Will Your Law Firm Adapt to Facebook's Latest Algorithm Changes?

Facebook’s January 1 News Feed algorithm update was a breath of fresh air. Facebook marketers received increased visibility after a long stretch of being nearly invisible. Unfortunately, history may be about to repeat itself. Facebook recently announced three News Feed…

27 Apr 2015

Your Law Firm Website Is Never ‘Done’


For many law firms, the Internet provides a steady stream of clients. For many more, the potential is there, but the ROI hasn’t happened yet. Many attorneys are asking themselves why their website is not securing more cases, and the…

22 Apr 2015

Are You Losing Business Because Of Bad Photography?


It’s a common sentiment, You Think You’ve Done Everything Possible To Build Your Law Business… You have worked hard on building a business that represents your ideals. You have built relationships in your industry. You have a great office space…

06 Apr 2015

Resource Page Link Building for Law Firms


Organic link acquisition should be a part of every lawyer’s strategy for SEO. Getting people to link to your pages naturally is one of the best ways to get more exposure in search. This can be done through blogging, creating…