Improve Your Law firm’s Customer service with an Effective Email Strategy

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Imagine a world where your firm is known not just for its legal prowess but also for its extraordinary client relationship management. It might seem like a tall order, but it’s not. Email marketing for law firms remains the undisputed champion among outreach marketing tactics, allowing your law firm to reach clients and prospects straight to their inboxes.

 The numbers back this up. Take a look:

How law firms leverage email marketing

Email marketing is to a law firm what a powerful closing statement is to a trial – it has the power to captivate, convince, and convert. However, it’s clear to see that while the majority (94%) of law firms collect emails, less than half (40%) leverage email to nurture and retain prospects and clients continuously. 

Now that we’ve established the invaluable role of email marketing in connecting with clients, let’s transition into the heart of our discussion – the most effective email marketing strategies for law firms. 

The Top Email Marketing Strategies to Improve Customer Service 

  1. Provide valuable and engaging content to collect a list of clients

    Crafting valuable content is like preparing a winning argument for court. The more convincing and relevant it is, the more it resonates with the jury or, in this case, your audience. In reality, creating engaging content is a core strategy for the most successful businesses, and you shouldn’t miss out on this. To get started, you can:

    Incorporate testimonials: Sharing experiences of satisfied clients can build trust with potential clients and provide an engaging narrative about your services.
    Provide actionable tips: Practical, actionable tips are always valuable. These could range from ‘How to Prepare for a Legal Consultation’ to ‘5 Things to Know When Reading a Contract.’
    Share case studies: Case studies, while preserving client confidentiality, can provide real-life examples of how your firm has successfully helped clients.
    Be relevant and timely: Keep a close eye on current affairs, changes in legislation, or trending legal topics. Being able to provide relevant content based on what’s happening now adds great value.
    Focus on clarity and simplicity: Legal jargon can be off-putting. Aim for clear, simple language that all readers can understand.

    The beauty behind this is that as you build on your library with resources like such, you can also
    take full advantage of your media by practicing content recycling.

  2. Practice audience segmentation

    You’ve worked on building your resources, and you’re creating case studies, blogs, and social posts – what now?

    As you build your resources, you’ll want to gatekeep content through landing pages. This is like a digital trade where visitors are often asked to provide their contact information, such as name, email address, or phone number, in return for something of value like a free eBook, a webinar registration, or a free consultation. Hence, why we keep stressing content should provide value. For example, this is our landing page linked to a ChatGPT cheatsheet.

    Mastering chat gpt

    Once you gather enough contacts, you’ll want to tailor your messaging based on different audience segmentations. Your audience(s) can fall under different sub-branches based on:

    • Specific needs
    • City & location 
    • Different benefits or value 
    • Type of case 
    • Interests & more 

  3. Create email drip marketing campaigns

    Email drip marketing campaigns refer to a sequence of emails sent out automatically on a schedule or in response to specific triggers. They’re called “drip” campaigns because the emails trickle out to recipients over time, like water dripping from a faucet.

    When it comes to email campaigns, a few proven campaigns include:
    Welcome Series: When a new client subscribes to your newsletter or enquires about your services, trigger a welcome series that introduces your firm, shares valuable resources, and sets expectations for future emails.
    Case Study Series: Your previous clients and cases can be your firm’s best advocates. Use a drip campaign to share a series of case studies that demonstrate your firm’s experience and success in handling certain types of cases.
    Service and Practice Specific Series: If your law firm offers various services, create a drip campaign for each. For example, a family law campaign might share resources about divorce in one email and child custody in another.
    Legislation Update Series: When there are significant changes in legislation relevant to your clients, a drip campaign can provide ongoing updates.

  4. Data and Reporting

    How do you know your email campaigns are working? Through the data.

    Having a data-driven platform where you can check on your campaign goals, results, and more is like having a reliable compass in an unfamiliar wilderness. Law firms are leveraging powerful platforms like LawEval to access their real-time data.

    With LawEval, firms are acquiring:
    Real-time conversion and data from virtually any marketing channel
    Monthly reporting
    Real-time visitor data
    Campaign results & more

    Click Here to Get Your Free LawEval Handbook

    Click Here to Get Your Free LawEval Handbook

  5. Select a suitable software or marketing agency

    Who you invest in matters as equally as what you invest in. To start off, there are hundreds of marketing tools available; some include:

    On the flip side, who you invest in matters a great deal because, in the long run, they will handle all these intricacies for you. While there are hundreds of vendors, you’ll want to ensure you select a trusted partner. Specifically, a specialist in law firm marketing with a proven track record across multiple practice areas like Consultwebs.

    Takeaway: Delivering the Goods
    We’ve just scratched the surface. If If you’re looking to sharpen your edge with more innovative email marketing strategies, begin by watching this:

When done right, email marketing can be a game-changer for law firms. It’s an avenue that opens up doors to growth. However, it takes the right strategies, tools, and expertise to unlock its potential fully. And that’s where partnering with a specialized digital marketing agency comes in. Book your 1-1 consultation with our sales consultant Sam Polesak.