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Tanner Jones, your host and Vice President of Business Development at Consultwebs, welcomes you to another episode of the LAWsome Podcast by Consultwebs.

In today’s episode, Tanner is accompanied by Daniel Siegel, attorney and technology expert. For over 30 years Dan has represented clients in workers’ compensation, personal injury and social security disability claims. He owns his own office, the Law Offices of Dan J. Siegel as well as a tech business called (ITS) Integrated Technology Services, LLC


Key Takeaways:

[0:18] Introduction.

[1:30] Post-pandemic mind shift in law.

[4:25] New practical procedures proven successful for other firms.

[5:51] The 3-step approach in widespread adoption of technology for firms.

[7:51] Consequences firms could face when opting out of technology.

[11:23] Overcoming limiting beliefs in tech and law.

[15:00] How firms can save time with automation.

[17:51] The must-have software for firms.

[20:35] Cybersecurity for law firms.

[23:36] How law firms can secure their information today.

[24:56] Embracing new legal technology.

[26:17] Ending thoughts.


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Tweetables and Quotes: 

“You hear it no matter what they want to say, is they [lawyers] want to move backwards. They want to go back to the way things were, and really that doesn’t help [a firm’s growth]. Most people don’t want to go back.” @consultwebs


“I’m really concerned that a lot of lawyers and firms are going to wanna go back and just do things the old way. But there have been improvement, we [lawyers] don’t have to go to court for everything. There are certain things that are better in person but routine procedural things and a lot of those didn’t need to be and I hope that judges don’t wanna regress as well.” @consultwebs


““Ethically, you need to be digitized. You know people hear paperless and get nervous but it’s a digitized office – everything’s scanned.” @consultwebs 


“The challenge behind [opting for tech] is always the culture. But when they get the ‘aha’ moment and go, ‘wow, this is how it helps me’ and when they see that and it could be something in a mundane process where you prevent deadlines from being missed. That makes an enormous difference.”  @consultwebs


“If you can automate a process and you save 10 seconds and you do that process 6X a day you are saving 250 minutes a year in time just on that process so you’re saving 4 hours just because you’ve made it a little more efficient.”  @consultwebs


“Lawyers need to be acutely aware of cybersecurity issues because they are large targets, even if you’re a small firm because you have information as a lawyer that people want. You have people’s names, dates of birth, social security numbers, medical records, that type of information.” @consultwebs


“[Adopting new technology] can be scary but at the same point, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. It means you have to learn something new. You don’t wanna go to a doctor who won’t do MRIs because they weren’t around when the doctor was in med school. Lawyers aren’t really any different in that sense.” @consultwebs

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